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Communications Strategy

Bitacora Marketera develops creative, advertising campaigns, that promote sales and have a great impact, that will place your product or service at the top of mind of the market, with an excellent participation, thus making your advertising investment very cost effective.

We are able to do big campaigns with a strong investment in advertising, as well as small but effective campaigns with a good return, according to your budget. Similarly, we can take care of your internal corporate communication, as well as public relations both within and outside your company to make presentations, launching of product or services, etc.

Bitacora Marketera

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Marketing BTL

Realities like ours, in Peru and Latin America, require high doses of creativity and the use of limited resources to reach specific segments, achieving the sales targets and participation that our products need. Thus, in Bitacora Marketera we specialize in this type of marketing known as Below the Line which is capable of reaching market segments that interest us without major investments in mass media advertising, at low cost and very effectively.

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Promotional Design

Promotions are essential to boost the sale of a product or service or catch the attention of consumers, the push and pull. At Bitacora Marketera we specialize in designing creative and selling promotions that will increase sales within the goals set by its marketing department.

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Corporate Image Design

The image of your company is vital for the acceptance of your products or services by the consumers, the general public, as well as suppliers, employees and anyone who wants to do business with you. Thus, it is essential to build a strong, dynamic image of a company that is truly at the service of others and that contributes to national development and the environment. In Bitacora Marketera we have publicists and marketing staff that can build the image that you want for your company, as well as rebuild or re-position your business as a reliable and profitable organization.

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