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Staff Survey / Interviews in Depth

This technique involves conducting a non-structured interview, which aims at getting to know a person, in a way that he will feel comfortable and free to express in detail their beliefs, attitudes and feelings about any topic under study.

This is done mainly through exploratory research, especially in studies where the research problem relates to issues that are confidential, sensitive or embarrassing, or when peer pressure can affect the interviewee's answers. Likewise, it is an indispensable tool in business qualitative studies where time constraints of the interviewees and the topics dealt with make it necessary. It is advised in the following cases:

  • When information about a confidential, sensitive or embarrassing matter is required (eg. Studies on the use of financial services).

  • When it involves dealing with behaviour for which there are socially acceptable rules and the need to compromise with them in discussion groups which may influence the responses (eg. Price sensitivity studies in food category).

  • Includes a behavioural process or complex decision-making, that requires a step by step distinctive description (eg. Needs assessment study).

  • When group interviews are difficult to program for the population targeted (eg. Studies of brand loyalty in high-profile managers).

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Research AD-HOC

At Bitacora Marketera we do special studies on specific issues that our clients entrust us. We prepare a work plan that includes the research objectives, which are given to us by our client and we conduct a study that will enable us to gather the information that needed for their product or service.

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