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At Bitacora Marketera we work within a strict set of values which are:

    • Excellence: This means that each job is supervised and monitored in each stage before being delivered to the customer, so that the results have no flaws or mistakes.

    • Ethics: The cornerstone of our work is professional ethics, which implies transparency in everything we do, customer confidentiality and thoroughness in our work.

    • Honesty: We are always truthful about a project and our capability of doing it as efficiently as possible.

    • Enthusiasm: We love our work, therefore we enjoy it and carry it out in an atmosphere of great camaraderie.

    • Responsibility:We are committed to each of the projects in which we engage, devoting to each the best of our professional ability, time, and attention to details, so that the customer has everything he needs regarding information relevant to his business.

    • Achieving Results: We realize that in a work like ours, it is important to attain results, thus we give our best efforts to achieve the business objectives set forth by our clients.

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We identify with the goals and objectives of the companies that trust us, so that their achievements are our own and we can enjoy their successes, while learning from the mistakes that may be made along the way, to change them into a business opportunity or as a means to set ourselves new goals. Always working with order and methodology.

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Our mission is to provide solutions in marketing and market research with clear, accurate and timely information that allows our customers to make the best decisions. To make each operation more competitive, efficient and profitable for our customers.

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To be the best and most efficient marketing consultancy and market research service in Peru, Latin America and the global market.

Bitacora Marketera

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