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Strategic Planning

At Bitacora Marketera we develop strategic planning in coordination with the senior and middle management of the organization; in this way we set ourselves realistic goals after a thorough market analysis and the firm’s condition.

Bitacora Marketera Thus, we designed two types of strategies: a corporate strategy and a product mix strategy. That is, a strategy which consists of the long-term plans created to select the various businesses in which the firm could participate. These strategies identify the markets to be served and the line of products and services to be generated based on an assessment of the environment, resources and business objectives. The product mix strategy is used to identify the role that each product is expected to play in building the value of the firm.

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Marketing Plans

At Bitacora Marketera we focus our efforts on drawing up a document which delineates specific marketing actions, aimed at specific targets within the framework of a given market environment. This allows us to:

  • Identify opportunities
  • How to access, obtain and conserve desired positions in specific markets.
  • Define objectives, policies, programs, strategies and procedures that determine the future of the business.
  • Serve as a communication tool that integrates harmoniously all the elements of the marketing mix.

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Marketing Strategies

Bitacora Marketera

Designing a marketing strategy involves how we will achieve the objectives we have set. To do this, Bitacora Marketera makes a complete analysis of the product market and / or service and of the budget allocated, which will enable us to achieve the goals established, such as: gain more customers, win a certain percentage of the market or increase the percentage of sales, etc.

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Positioning Strategies

This type of strategy involves creating a product image in the mind of the potential target group, ie, to achieve the desired product perception in relation to the competition.

It is the basis of all communications: branding, advertising, promotion, packaging, pricing, marketing, etc.

To do this, we consider:

    • Type of product to be sold

    • Needs and desires of the target group

    • Competition

We must know:

    • In what ways is it different from the competition? How is it similar?

    • What are the differences to the target group?

    • What characteristic makes it special?

    • What is the expected perception of the target group?

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Relationship Marketing

At Bitacora Marketera we manage Relationship Marketing from the perspective of CRM, ie. from the relationship with the customer. Thus, we use techniques such as Clienting, Marketing 1x1, direct marketing database, etc.

In other words, we individualize the client, using basic tactics such as:

  • Data management: storage, organization and analysis.

  • Program Implementation: Once the customers, their needs and desires, are identified, we put together strategies to gain their trust. (Each client obtains what they expect).

  • Feedback: First contact with customers, a database. Constant updating of the database initially established. Follow-up o preferences and behavior of customers (Data market) = long-term relationship and loyalty.

The most important component of Relationship marketing is Direct Marketing:

  • Advertising +

  • Public Relations +

  • Sales Promotion +

  • Direct mail +

  • Telemarketing

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Services Marketing

What we do here is review the processes that seek the satisfaction of consumer needs. It ranges from how to greet a customer (with a smile), to developing customer service policies, correct usage of uniforms, colors of the company, monitoring activities and adapting the service to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

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We use the Internet as a tool for generating new business: B2B (Business to Business), C2C (Costumer to Costumer), B2C (Business to Costumer), C2B (Costumer to Business).

Bitacora Marketera

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Marketing Political

In designing the campaign marketer Log ideal candidate for municipal elections and / or general, and we base our strategy on a thorough analysis of the personality, the program of the candidate or political party and the electoral market-relevant. Thorough market research are the cornerstone of our strategies, and follow the line of what you want or ask the electorate in order to advise our client, so you can reach the masses and win their votes.

We know that in this part of our work is not worth being the second or the one who was closest, being first is what really matters and that we aim our efforts, experience and creativity.

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Business Plans

Log In reviewing marketer will take care of business strategy, starting with the sales techniques they use to then develop a strategic sales plan that suits your products or services.

We reviewed their market potential, sales potential and structure the sales forecast, with close monitoring, so that your company complies to the extent possible, with sales targets set by the Commercial Management.

Bitacora Marketera

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Log marketer understands that the mark is an important differentiator that we must work slowly and with great fortitude to generate value to it. Thus, we developed the theme of the brand from a strategic standpoint, carefully planning every detail to maintain, design and remodel the brand in the minds of consumers, making it more desirable than all others.

We have a team of marketers and advertisers are getting their share of experience to work his mark on all sides that could make it vulnerable to strong selling to their competitors.

Bitacora Marketera

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