Bitacora MarketeraServices - Seminars and Trainings

As part of our support program for the Mypes, the professionals at Bitacora Marketera specialize in providing seminars and training for the Pymes and Mypes which might require it. In that respect, we are offering short courses in sales techniques and marketing topics, tailored to the requirements of our clients. Towards that end, we have developed a program of seminars and training, which we have been implementing in Small and Medium Businesses, Universities, Institutes and Chambers of Commerce, in different districts and provinces, with great success.

The purpose of these seminaries and training is to improve the techniques of those businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to update their standards, in order to meet the challenges of these changing times. Thus, the knowledge that we provide will help them to overcome the obstacles they might find in the different markets, where they are already operating or in those they wish to venture in.

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