Bitacora Marketera Bitacora MarketeraWhat is Bitacora Marketera?

It´s a team that seeks to provide competitiveness and efficiency to your business.

After ten years of experience dealing with various business challenges in the medium, we aim to use all our experience and expertise in providing specialized consulting to companies, which due to the size of their operations require specialized professional advice in matters of marketing, research market and advertising, from the perspective of a small or medium business entrepreneur.

Our team has acquired a vast experience in well-known companies in the field, so our services have the endorsement of achievement and knowledge of different types of market.

Bitacora Marketera Bitacora Marketera What we do in Bitacora Marketera?

  • Market Research (Qualitative, Quantitative and AD-HOC Research)
  • Promotions Development
  • SEO Consulting
  • Development of strategy and marketing plans
  • Help you make your business a profitable one

Market research is the essence of our work. We believe that a good business starts first with good market research.

That is why we have specialized in qualitative research (Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews, Concept Tests, Product Tests). However, we also provide quantitative studies at the request of our customers.

We have a panel of marketers and advertisers who are in charge of Promotion, Advertising, BTL, Political Marketing, Communications Strategy and Corporate Image Design.

Bitacora MarketeraWhy Bitácora Marketera?

The log or logbook was a diary which registered the direction, speed, maneuvers and other incidents of navigation. The term is also used to indicate a written record of the actions carried out in performing a job or task. This blog includes all events that occurred while performing a task, the failures that occurred, the changes that were introduced and the costs involved.

So we decided to combine the concepts of logbook and marketing, as our work is very similar to the records kept in a navigation log. In our consulting work, we record everything that happens in the market to know where we are and from there, to develop a plan or marketing strategy, which will enable us to face the vicissitudes of the market in order to achieve the goals we have set and reach a satisfactory conclusion. In this case it would be: the positioning of our customers businesses, products and services, and their profitability.